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A few of my favourite things

I’m working extra hard right now to get that all important work/life balance right, because my job is totally crazy, and with that comes the absolute necessity of ensuring that life away from it is as relaxing and fun as it can be. With that in mind, here’s a few of my favourite things that I’m loving at the moment.

Weekend adventures
Ahhh the weekends. Saturday and Sunday become so precious when every other day is mental, am I right? Whether that means adventures away in big cities, or just sleeping in, lazy days, dog walks and all the outdoors I can get, I’m drinking it all up and making sure my cup does indeed runneth over!


Going Out-Out
Coincidentally, my love for all things weekends happens to match my newly discovered love for going out-out! For a verrrrrry long time the whole going out thing didn’t really happen. There would be the odd night here and there, and Dave and I would go out for meals and cinema and stuff like that, but going out-out with the girls? Pretty much dry – haha! Not any more my friends. Nope, believe me when I tell you that every Saturday in June is now booked up with some kind of cocktails/food adventure and I cannot wait! If it’s possible to de-age, then that is exactly what I’m doing. Hi, I’m 44 and I love going out! I have no idea how long, or even if, it will last so I’m embracing every opportunity that comes my way! I even bought a new handbag just for going out – who even am I?!

When staying in is the new going out…
Sadly both my bank balance and my health couldn’t take going out all the time…so my staying in time is also bringing me joy. I’ve been catching up with TV series that I started but never quite got around to finishing, starting new ones to find out what all the fuss is about (Killing Eve anyone?! OH MY GOD!), listening to music; I even just sometimes lay on the sofa staring off into space and emptying my mind of all its thoughts. It’s hugely therapeutic and I’m a firm believer that when all else is crazy, those few hours at home of doing absolutely nothing can almost act as a reset button.

It’s no news to anyone that I’m an avid reader but right now I’m 100% in the reading zone. Even when it’s something that I’m not loving lots, the very act of sitting down to read some pages is the perfect antidote to a busy mind, and is guaranteed to send me off into the land of sleep when I just can’t switch off. I’ve just started on a travel book all about Sicily which will inevitably get the wanderlust juices flowing, and I’ve got these two lined up after a trip to my local indie bookstore too…


We’ve been really lucky with the weather and had a couple of beaut days last week. Of course I was straight outside to eat my lunch and it truly is the *best* thing. There’s nothing like sitting outside with a bunch of peeps and just absolutely howling with laughter while stuffing your face and trying to stop pieces of lettuce blowing away down the street! Dave and I have also enjoyed our evening meals outside and a couple of cheeky beers too. I would love it if we had a summer like last year, but even if it’s just a few days here and there you can betcha you’ll find me outside, soaking in those rays!


There you go. Just a few things that are keeping me sane right now. How about you? What are your tricks for keeping that all important work/life balance right? Let me know and I’ll give them a try!

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