North East adventures with Morph!

I’ve seen the Snow Dogs, I’ve seen the Elmers and now I’ve seen the Morphs! I love a #WildinArt art trail, and especially one that takes me on new adventures, in this case up to Whitley Bay for Morph’s Epic Art Adventure.

It was a beautiful sunny day when me and Rachel set off, and we really lucked out with the weather as the whole weekend was glorious blue skies and mild temperatures, even on that chilly North East coastline.

I’d downloaded the app, we found the free car park opposite our hotel super easily and off we set to find the Morphs. The Morph in the North app is totally worth downloading – it’s free for one, but it also gives you a map of where to find each Morph and then when you click that you’ve found them, you get a little celebration on your screen each time – mega cute. And I’ll bet with little ones, hugely exciting! It’s a great way of keeping track as well, if you intend to find all twenty throughout North Tyneside.

From memory, it’s the first time I’d been back up to Whitley Bay since being little and it was truly an absolute joy. The sea was blue, the sand was golden, it was full of little indie shops and eateries and charming terraced houses painted all the colours of the rainbow, with some incredible front doors. Delightful!

As the sun set on a gorgeous day, we timed it just right to see the sky change from a blush pink to a fiery orange. Stunning.

We had our tea inside Spanish City, in the Trenchers restaurant. Of course we had fish and chips, but we sat eating them to the accompaniment of a piano player in a striped jacket which was frankly just an absolute joy!

We’d done our research beforehand and made sure we tried an ice from the famous Di Meo’s as well and it did not disappoint. I had a pistachio ice in a chocolate sprinkle cone and I cannot even begin to describe the creaminess of the ice-cream. Y U M. I didn’t get to try their famous ‘Whitella’ but that’s just an excuse to go back again really, isn’t it?!

The hotel that we stayed in was honestly one of the nicest places I have ever stayed and I can highly recommend. The York House Hotel had good size rooms, the most unbelievably good shower and a delicious brekkie. As well as a lovely lounge for reading and relaxing, there was a fully stocked vending machine and a coffee bar too – for £75 a night for a double room, you really can’t ask for much more!

I fell in love with Whitley Bay and I’ll definitely be back again. We’re so lucky to have it so close by as it was basically an hour or so up the A19 and turn right. Easy to get to, full of charm, endless blue skies and tasty treats.

It looks like the Morph Trail might be on the move soon and there’s Shaun the Sheep coming too. If you fancy seeing them for yourself, be sure to check out Wild in Art to see where they’re headed next. Happy adventuring!

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