Five favourites

Five favourites from February (and a little bit of March), let’s go!

  1. Discovery of Witches (Season 2)
Photo from IMDB

If I thought the first season of Discovery of Witches was good, I was blown away by the second. Call it a combination of STUNNING costumes, glorious sets, intrigue, drama, action and intense love – I was totally hooked and loved every episode. As the final episode ended, I fell into an Instagram rabbit hole of the stars, the official account, fan accounts… can’t stop, won’t stop. I immediately ordered the first book in the trilogy to read and cannot tell you how EXCITED I was when I read that season 3 will be back next year. I’m ready.

2. Reading

There’s no-one title that jumps out to grab me here, it was just a great month for curling up on the sofa and drinking in all the words. My combo of fiction, followed by non-fiction is really suiting me and weirdly enough, it’s the non-fiction that is really grabbing me. It’s not really something I’ve explored much of in the past and I’m keen to keep up the momentum. If anyone has any great recommendations. please feel free to share!

Fattily Ever After by Stephanie Yeboah

3. The gardening returns!

I love to garden. Actually love it. If I could somehow find a way of doing it every single day then I would jump at it. Being in nature soothes my soul and especially now, it’s so nice to just fully switch off from all the noise and tune into an entirely different type of noise – birdsong, the wind rustling through the trees, the burst of water hitting the base of the watering can…

Grand plans plus the delightful possibility of being able to meet up with other households in private gardens is spurring me on to make it look as nice as possible for potential visitors and us too!

Spring blooms

4. Making and baking

In an attempt to a) keep our meals interesting and b) stay away from the Dominos Pizza app we have started choosing one recipe book a week and picking 2-3 meals to make from it. So far, it’s been an absolute delight and even better, has saved us money on our food bill. Call it geeky, but planning the weekly menu and making a list of the ingredients needed for each meal is a top tip to budget and save on food waste. So far we’ve only tripped once into Dominos…

The key is definitely in the variety and we’ve pretty much eaten all around the world so far, without leaving the dinner table!

There’s also been some really good bakes, mainly from the cake queen herself, Mary Berry. Her method of chucking all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and then mixing, rather than different stages, is just so simple. I’m proud to say that I even, for the first time ever in my baking history (and that’s a long one!) did a Victoria Sponge where both the top and bottom of the cake were EQUAL SIZE. I’m still shook…

5. The end of doom scrolling

It’s taken a year of relentlessly navigating the negative lands of social media for work to well and truly end my doom scrolling relationship with my own personal socials. Each day I was feeling more and more irritated by it all and yet couldn’t stop. I’ve done it in stages, and if this is something that is interesting, I’m thinking about writing a much more in-depth post about it, but basically I followed these steps:

  • Moved the Instagram icon to the second screen of my phone – if I can’t see it, I’m less likely to click on it via that dreaded phone muscle memory
  • Unfollowed very many people. We’re talking hundreds. Mainly random accounts that I’d started to follow along the years and never engaged with, multiple influencers who I no longer cared about and were often surrounded by negativity in the comments which subsequently sent me into a negative space and any account that didn’t make me feel like my timeline was a happy place
  • Added a limit to my app usage – but to be really honest, moving the icon to a different screen did wonders for reducing the doom scrolling potential

Once I had done all of those things, I found myself caring less about what I might have missed and essentially stopped looking.

It’s important to be honest here and say that I do still use Instagram. It’s the only platform I’m on now and it’s always been my favourite. I enjoy adding to my Stories and chatting with my friends and the real word to focus on there is ‘enjoy’.

After I did all of the above, I stopped just scrolling for endless hours and started to actively look forward to the 10 minute scroll to catch up at the end of the work day. I feel like I have a much healthier relationship with it now and I’m glad I took the steps to do it. It’s not an easy thing to do, and I would say the fear of missing out is the biggest obstacle to overcome. Good luck if you decide to do it! It has honestly made a massive difference to me mentally, huge.

And that’s it. Random as ever, but that’s me.

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