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November Favourites

I know November isn’t technically over, but I’ve got so many things I’ve loved this month already piled up, I’m going in early! Books, music and two TV series – it’s all about the culture and I’m here for it.

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

I definitely think I’m late to the party with this one as I’ve seen it all over my Instagram feed, but I finally picked up The Dutch House by Ann Patchett and I couldn’t have loved it more. Initially, I had my reservations as I thought it was quite slow to start, but once it picked up pace I honestly couldn’t put it down. The style of writing and the characters reminded me very much of Donna Tartt, particularly The Goldfinch, and it was just such a delight to read. Falling into a book, only to emerge out of it at the end, blinking and coming up for air was exactly what was needed as we went into ‘Lockdown 2.0’ I’m keen to read more and think I’ll pick up Bel Canto next.

5 stars, can hugely recommend.

Little Birds

Little Birds image courtesy of Sky TV

I decided I wanted to watch this courtesy of a billboard poster, advertising the show via Now TV as I waited at a red traffic light…which just goes to show that advertising does work and I should really know better because I work in marketing, ha! Anyway, I’m very glad that I saw said image as I absolutely LOVED this series. It’s a hard one to describe as it’s totally bonkers, trippy, bizarre and utterly beautiful. Set in Tangiers, the sets, colours and lighting are absolutely beyond and it had a sense of the theatrical about it almost. It was a feast for the eyes and over six nights, it became a nightly tradition to sit down in the last hour before bed and drink it in.

Now I want to read the stories, written by Anais Nin, and see how it compares. If you’re in the market for something a bit different, with glorious visuals and vintage vibes, deffos give it a go. It’s another 5 stars from me!

The Undoing

Image of The Undoing courtesy of The Radio Times

I know, I know. Find me someone who isn’t watching this right now. I’ll wait…

I was totally influenced by, well, everyone, and I started watching this week. And I’m hooked. Of COURSE I am. It’s just too good! I’m usually not a huge fan of Nicole Kidman but she’s so good in this. My absolute fave is Donald Sutherland who has that upper class menace totally down. Did he kill Elena…? Who do you think did it? Give me all your thoughts!! Sunday evenings cannot come soon enough – this week by week release of episodes is killing me!

Sunny Bones – Be Cool

In the year where everything is unprecedented, challenging and pretty miserable, what more do you need than some serious summer vibes and some kerrr-azy outfits. Sunny Bones, Be Cool is the ultimate end of day song. Blast it out as you walk away from your at-home desk and you’re ready to relax *and breathe*

Gunship – Eleanor Rigby

I found this via Fleur de Force who I follow on Instagram as Gunship are her brother’s band. I’ve enjoyed a couple of albums in the past but I am 100% OBSESSED with listening to their cover of Eleanor Rigby. Think Stranger Things meets 1980s synth music and you’re there. It’s basically on repeat on my Spotify playlist.

And there you have it. There’s still a few days left of November so who knows what else I might discover! Two weeks left of Lockdown 2.0 too … we need all the distractions we can find! Thanks for reading.

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