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Bookshelf – In Season: Autumn

Eating in season is one of my favourite things in life and there’s nothing better than the first crunch of crispy leaves for all my fave seasonal goodies to arrive in one big delicious fell-swoop! Squash, pumpkins, parsnips, oh my! Hearty, wholesome and packed full of flavour, I’m *always* ready for Autumn!

With all that in mind, I’m sure you can only imagine my delight when I opened the first pages of In Season: Autumn by The Mothercooker, an organic gardener and one of my much-loved follows on Instagram for gorgeous food photography, gardening and grow-your-own galore, and also some absolute honesty about mental health which resonates with us all in this oh-so-challenging year.

In Season is available as a digital download and has a recommended price of £8.99. It’s pay what you decide and I’m hoping that when you read my review you’ll know that it’s worth increasing your price, if you can – it’s absolutely worth it as it truly is a lovely book. The illustrations are so cute, the food photography is stunning and the layout is very easy to read and navigate your way around, and that’s before I start talking about the recipes – yummmmm!

So far I have made the chai spice mix, the three bean chilli, the granola and the blackberry muffins. The chilli was honestly unreal, packed full of delicious flavours with every bite and was perfect served on top of a hot jacket spud with cheese sprinkled all over it. I ate the leftovers for lunch the following day wrapped up in a tortilla and it was even more delicious, if that’s possible!

The granola is *still* going strong and seems to last forever! So far, it’s been served up with bananas, greek yoghurt, dried fruit and a drizzle of maple syrup for breakfast; added as a cheeky crunch with a blackberry muffin and icecream for pudding; and used as a crumble topping which has been described as my ‘best one yet’ by my much-trusted, crumble crunching, taste-tester.

The blackberry muffins were sooooo light and moist and basically tasted like Autumn in a cake case. They came out HUGE and I had some mixture left over, so after we’d eaten the first batch I made them again using the last of the mix – smaller obviously as less mixture but still tasted deeeelish which is definitely the sign of a good recipe. I plan to try the different filling options that are suggested in the book as bramble season is over now where I live, booo 😦 Chocolate chip you say? Oh go on then!

The days are starting to get colder now so I’m ready for trying out some of the soup and curry options, and I love how many of them use pumpkin as I always like to use up the insides after the Halloween carving. Obviously I’ll be trying all of the cakes and biscuits as we’re officially in cosy season now which means all the treats, right?!

Basically my plan is to make everything in the book. The recipes are easy to understand, they all use ingredients that are readily available and most importantly, it’s all veggies that can be picked up from your local market, greengrocer, farmers’ market or if you’re really lucky, right outside your back door in your garden patch! You really can’t get much more local and ‘In Season’ than that.

It’s a big thumbs up from me. In case you missed the link earlier in the post, buy the book now. Happy cooking!

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