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How do you go from writing about your latest empties to picking up in the midst of a global pandemic? The answer, I think, is that you don’t even try. I choose restart.

Write consciously.

Write with belief.

Write with intent.

Write with passion.

Yes I’m going to talk about my ongoing empties project, because it’s part of a much wider picture about trying to be more sustainable, more conscious and less consuming. But I also have lots of thoughts swirling round in my head and I need an outlet for them. And this is going to be it.

Life, work, plans, missions, motto – it’s a frothy, overflowing cocktail and it’s what is inside my head.

Right now.

Of this time.

During this new world that we stumble around in as we attempt to navigate what is being called the ‘new normal’, when nothing about it could be described as normal or usual and what even do those words mean anyway?

Restart/reboot/turn off and on again – we’re going in…

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