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Elmer, Autumn and a day in the Toon

In case you didn’t know, I love elephants. Like REALLY love elephants. If they’re on the TV on any kind of wildlife programme I inevitably end up welling up because I think they are just the most wondrous creatures ever. One of these days I’m going to see them in the wild and I’ll basically be a big blubbering mess because my soppy heart won’t be able to cope…but until then, a trip up to the Toon to see a whole trail of painted Elmers will do very nicely, thank you very much!

It was one of those perfect, crisp Autumn days where it’s just the right side of cold, the sky is bright blue, the sun is almost blindingly low and the Autumn leaves were crispy underfoot and every shade of red, gold and orange you could ever need for the ‘gram.

We picked up a trail map at The Sage, grabbed a coffee, hot chocolate and an insanely delicious fruit scone and made a plan to squeeze in as many Elmers as our feet could carry us to. And even if I do say so myself, we did a pretty cracking job! Stripes, florals, disco bling, shiny gold, castles, trees, foxes and badgers, oh my! Predictably every single one was my favourite and was generally accompanied by squealing or a loud oh-em-gee just look at it!

It’s safe to say it was absolutely amazing and I would love to have my very own Elmer for my back garden, please and thank you. Although how I’d pick one out of them all I have no idea because they were all flipping brilliant!

If we weren’t on the look out for Elmers we were Autumn leaf spotting and it truly was such a great day for it. The sun was just that perfect shade of golden glow and there was Autumn joy to be found around every corner.

As the sun set and bounced around all of the buildings we made our way back to the Quayside for the ultimate view.


And finished off a delicious day with a tasty hot chocolate from the Baltic, topped off with a chocolate flake, the last of the setting sun and the bridge starting its slow glide into the night time rainbow.

A perfect Autumn day in the Toon *sigh*

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