Project Empties #2

Project Pan/Project Empties continues with a storm and I’m back today with a *massive* post because I’ve been saving them up for a while! I’m starting with the make-up first because I always think it’s such a huge accomplishment to actually reach the end of it. In comparison to skincare it definitely seems to take way longer to finally hit that much coveted pan.


Two of these things were bought when I got my wedding make-up which is 18 months ago now so that tells you how long it takes me to get to the end of products anyway. I think it’s fair to say that I don’t go in all heavy handed and full-coverage. The MAC Strobe Cream was one that I used on and off almost daily, but a teeny bit goes a long way! It’s a really nice glow under daily make-up and I would definitely consider buying it again. The same can’t be said for the Kat Von D Lock It Powder Foundation. I found it really hard to work with and never really took to it as a base. The powder is thick and it always made me feel just that little bit flat and meh. By the end I resorted to using it with a big fluffy brush and a very light hand as a setting powder – won’t be a repurchase.

The Glossier Stretch Concealer on the other hand is my number one hero product for sure! As I got closer to the end of this, I was sadly a few days away from pay day and I stretched (ha, get it!) it out right down to some serious little finger scraping to get the last of the product out. Lovely formula, super easy to blend and can definitely be worn on its own as a base if you’re having a no make-up day but just want a little something-something. Already have repurchased my second jar and bold claim – I’m not sure that I ever want to use another concealer ever again!

Next up is skin care and it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that there’s a shed load of it! Let’s go in with the moisturisers first.


Burt’s Bees Daily Moisturizing Cream

Wow this mighty tube lasted a long time! Honestly, I thought I was never going to get to the end. By that you’re probably close to figuring out my feelings on this one. I use the word ‘meh’ to describe a lot of things but it’s just such a good summary when you don’t really have strong opinions either way. It was a good moisturiser, absorbed really quickly but it was kind of runny and it didn’t feel like it was really doing anything. I’d give it a solid 8/10 because of how long it lasted and value for money but I think it’s probably one for the younger faces. This 40+ face needs something with more moisture these days!

Youth Lab Deep Moisture Cream

This was one of those discoveries that was picked up at Boots, quick read of the label and a yep, let’s give that one a go. I am so glad that I did because it is absolutely delicious! It was thick, it was super absorbing and it really did make my face feel deeply moisturised as the name would suggest. Made in Greece, I’m already on the look out for what else I can try from this brand.

Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Peaceful Night Cream (not pictured)

I seem to be all about rose at the moment (currently got two other rose products on the go) and there’s nothing wrong with that. I find it’s a fragrance that is just delicate enough for my sensitive skin and I have never had any issues using rose-based products. Much like the Youth Lab above, this one was a lovely thick overnight moisturiser that left my face feeling soft and smooth. Super Facialist is super affordable and easy to get hold of and it’s a brand I can highly recommend. Bonus green points for being in a glass jar too! Over the years I’ve tried lots of products and never been disappointed…

…which brings me nicely on to the serum section of the skin care.

Super Facialist Hyaluronic Acid Firming Intense Facial Serum

I really liked this one. A lot! Even though it’s only a 30ml tube it saw me through a full month of use, day and night, and I honestly can’t fault it. Good price, good product, would absolutely recommend it!

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula GF Effector

I am such a sucker for pretty packaging! The blue glass of this caught my eye and I wandered over to find out more. Promising a powerful face serum that would provide intense moisture to the inner and outer layers of my skin, of course I was in! And I definitely wasn’t disappointed. I’ve not heard of this brand before but it’s now firmly on my list to find out more. This was a flipping brilliant serum that I could both see and feel visible results from and I was genuinely sad to reach the end of the bottle. If I hadn’t been organised and got a new one lined up ready to try I would have repurchased this for definite. Once again, green bonus points for being in a glass bottle rather than plastic for easier recycling.

Calm Skin Relaxing Overnight Mask

I bought this on a stressed out, hurried lunch break so you can see why the name of it would be appealing to me. Under a fiver from Superdrug I used this every other night and it really did seem to work. My skin definitely didn’t seem stressed anyway, even if my head was! The chamomile gave it a really nice scent and it was easily rinsed off in the morning with just a quick cleanse. If budget is your bag, then definitely check out this range!


Jurlique Replenishing Cleansing Lotion

Every now and then I like to give myself a proper treat and spend just that *little* bit more on my skin – why not, eh! Have you ever noticed that the more you spend, the more minimalist the packaging becomes? Jurlique is an Australian range and I really like it! I used this as my morning cleanse and as a second evening cleanse and my skin really enjoyed it. It has a delicious scent but was gentle enough to use on the eyes for make-up removal too. Surprise, surprise, I’ll definitely be investigating other products in the range as it’s been one of my discoveries of the year!

And last but by no means least we have a hair oil. I got the Kitoko Oil Treatment at my hairdressing salon last year when my hair was basically frazzled by the INTENSE HEAT in my office during the hottest summer in decades. I’m not going to lie, it didn’t really do much good…but then very few products actually do. My hair is thick, coarse, frizzy, generally uncontrollable and has a serious life of its own. To top that off I have scalp psoriasis so can rarely use any other shampoos except coal tar based ones that strip it of any goodness that tries to get through. It’s a double edged sword and my wallet will own up to the thousands of pounds that have been spent in my lifetime trying to sort it all out. It’s a familiar tale: was okay…probably won’t buy again…pretty pointless really…smelled nice though…

And with that friends, we have reached the end. The empties basket is empty once again and ready for more. See you again soon with another list. Have you hit pan on anything? Let me know!


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