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Just January

We made it friends – we survived January! Only just though, hence the title. The whole month felt about four thousand years long and yet at the same time absolutely whizzed by. Work needed a new describing word because busy didn’t really come close to the utter madness that took over from day one of everyone returning to the office – SO.MANY.EMAILS. (please stop with the emails) and by the time the first day of the new month rolled around everyone was completely and utterly done in. An excellent start to the year!

But do not fear – all was not lost. There were birthdays, lots of them. Friends, favourite humans, big numbers, little numbers, the most important thing was that there was always cake. And food. Oh so much food. On my own birthday I proudly ate so much food that I was physically sick later that evening – it was totally worth it…

There was also the learning of new things, very much in keeping with my theme of ‘more’ opportunities for 2019. Dave and I started a camera class so that we could finally get to grips with our big camera. We’re heading to the final week this Wednesday and we’ve both absolutely loved it. I’m excited for some better outside weather so that we can put some of our new found skills to the test!

Winter well and truly arrived and the most common words used have been cold, grey and damp. The odd bursts of blue sky and bright crisp days have been fleeting but oh-so welcome. I am definitely on the countdown for Spring, but until then it’s all of the layers and winter woollies at the ready.


Last but by no means least we have the biggest news of all. The vague hints that I’ve been dropping can finally be confirmed – Dave is going to be leaving work at the end of March! Like leaving for good, leaving. We still don’t really know if this will be a permanent thing as he’s still of working age so could decide to go and get another job, but first some serious downtime and a whole heap of changes.

The first change is transport. His car is a work car and so we had to sort out pretty sharpish the whole family car thing. We traded in my little Skoda Fabia for a larger Estate version and when Dave finishes we’ll have one car only and I’ll be on the bus once again. I really don’t mind this at all as some downtime at the end of a stressful day should be so much nicer than adding to the stress by battling the ridiculous driving habits of the majority of road users. I was a little surprised when I felt a pang of sadness at trading in my car as I didn’t particularly have any strong feelings towards it, but I do love the new one and it’s not a huge difference, even though it’s a bigger car.

Plenty big enough for one dopey golden retriever to fit in the back…or maybe two…there’ll be more news on this later in the year but there’s a big chance (call it a possibility) that we’ll be getting a second dog. We’ve talked about it for a couple of years now but always said we would wait until there was someone at home all the time to take care of them both. It worked so well with Bob when I was at home for the first year and he is a beaut of a dog – very socialised, brilliant with people and most importantly, does not destroy our house or try and eat anything we leave lying around – it’s the small things!

The biggest change will be to our weekends we think. At the moment, because we both work full time, our weekends are spent catching up on housework, laundry, ironing, gardening, looking after other gardens and theatre. With Dave at home during the week some of those things can get done then which will free up our weekend spare time. Here’s hoping anyway!

So there you have it. The end of January. Pretty momentous really, when you think about the whole leaving work thing. I for one am glad the month is over and I’m looking forward to seeing what else 2019 brings. Probably shit-tonnes more madness at work but hey-ho, keeps me busy…

How was your January? Did you make it through to the most endlessly long pay day ever?

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