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More/Less 2019

Happy New Year! We’re only 13 days into 2019 – what’s a few days here and there between friends to wish you happiness for the year ahead. As will quickly become apparent this is not a new year, new me post; neither is it a long list of things that I resolve to do which I will no doubt fail to do within only a few days. It’s more of a thinking about the year ahead and continuing that thinking with things I would like to do more and things I would like to do less. With me? Excellent.


…adventure, exploring, grabbing opportunities by the horns and saying yes please! I would be lying if I said that I haven’t constantly been thinking about holidays since our last holiday. But no firm plans yet due to potentially changing times ahead of us. I don’t want to be that vague, hint-y person, but I also don’t want to commit in writing to something that is still very much not certain. Once we have confirmation, we’ll talk again. Thank you, next.

…of doing less. Is that some sort of weird -ism that I should probably know about? It’s fair to say that I am guilty of taking too much on. The work-life busy is not unique to me, but add in the theatre commitments and other things that we say yes to and all of a sudden downtime is at zero and tiredness is at maximum. It’s not rocket science that this starts to take its toll both physically and mentally. The glory that is doing absolutely nothing except lying in front of the fire with a book, watching a TV programme or simply daydreaming into the big empty space should never be underestimated. The time to take care of you is now.


…I want to kick my phone habit. But I’m also a realist. And also not afraid to admit that the phone time is spent doing things I genuinely enjoy, such as Instagram Stories. Having said all that I am hyper-aware that I spend a lot of time doing it. And for my own sake I want to stop. I know it’s too much and falling down the refresh rabbit hole is too easy. I’m making a conscious decision now each night to put it out of hand’s reach and pretend it’s not there. I’m not at that stage yet where I can leave it in another room (mainly because if my mam texts me and I don’t text back within 5 minutes she assumes I’m dead – true story) but I’d like to be there soon.

…berating myself for lack of effort. This particular one is aimed very specifically at being hard on myself for not dragging my arse up or out to do some form of exercise. I am very much a person who has to be in the right zone to get fully on board with a proper exercise regime. I struggle to stay motivated and be organised, I struggle with feeling a-okay about doing things after work when all I really want to do is go home and spend time in front of my fire with my husband and dog, and most of all I struggle with the gym concept in general. I loved the weightlifting class I took last year, truly I did, but I didn’t love the 6.30pm start time, or the 8pm home time after a long-ass day when you’ve been fighting the work-fight all day long. I know that I’m not alone with this battle, but I can be kinder to myself and accept that right now, I’m just not in the zone.

And that my friends is it. More and less for 2019. Nothing major. Nothing huge. A definite nod in the self-care direction, definitely not a nod to be sniffed at – there’s a lot to be said for looking out for that self as it’s all too easy to not do it and then find yourself all kinds of out of sorts.

How is your 2019 shaping up so far?

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