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Feeling Festive

Are you sitting down? Christmas Day is only 3 weeks away. 3 weeks! I know, right? How did that happen? All time-whizzing questions aside, I have really had my festive switched to ON since last Thursday when we did our very first Christmas event at work. I mean watching Santa, a giant teddy and a young girl fly through the air in Centre Square will pretty much do that for you. Oh and not forgetting the a-mazing firework finale that was honestly jaw-droppingly good!

Christmas hats on and wrapped up in all the layers I own, we ran around grabbing selfies with giant teddies and shouting pretty liiiiiights at almost every turn. I just love it!

It was swiftly followed by the annual pre-Christmas trip to the cinema with Toni. We really wanted to see The Nutcracker but apparently it only stayed open for about 2 days so we went to see The Grinch instead. Oh it was goooooood! Funny, festive and the obligatory Hollywood movie happy ending, it was the perfect thing for a soggy Saturday afternoon.

I even splodged my way through the bouncing rain towards the centre of town so that I could see the brand new light canopy. It didn’t let me down and was deffo worth the wet feet!

It wasn’t over yet though. Oh no. Next up was A Christmas Carol presented by Chapterhouse Theatre Company. I’ve been dying to see this for the past three years but never been able to go as it’s usually on a Tuesday night. This year they decided to add two more performances and Rachel and I went along to see it.

Oh! I came out wanting to hop, skip and jump my way through every festive day until Christmas! The three spirits were absolutely amazing and all had highly enviable fash-un inspo. The first was wearing a tiara made up of pretty liiiiiights – I mean if that wasn’t meant for me then I don’t know what was! The next one was wearing this red full length robe that had fake fur edging and looked like the kind of thing you could strut around in and pretend to be a king or something! And then the big man himself, Death, was FREAKING HUGE! His head towered above the set and he kind of floated on and did his spooky thing – so, so good! If you ever get chance to see it I can highly recommend it. It was deffo worth waiting three years to see it!

Tomorrow is the Magical Middlesbrough Parade with Santa, his reindeer and all of the festive feelings.

It’s basically Christmas socks, jewellery and any other clothing I can turn festive from here on in.

I’ve done absolutely zero shopping…but that’s not going to stop me from the festive feels.

Merry, merry, bring it on!

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