Bookshelf: The Yorkshire Shepherdess

If you stick around here for a while it won’t take you very long to realise that my reading taste runs to pretty much anything. I’ve never been a person to only ever read one type of book and enjoy the variety that brings to my life. Which is why my most recent book found me reading about a shepherdess. Who has 7 children. And lives on a farm miles away from civilization, that favours turn of the century farming methods (and I don’t mean the 21st Century…)

DSC_0140 (2).JPG

The Yorkshire Shepherdess by Amanda Owen has frankly been bringing me total joy. You really couldn’t get any far removed from my life. I have zero children, she has 7. Yep 7. You did indeed read that correctly. She’s a shepherdess and she’s one half of a working farm, and a bloody hard working one at that, far up in the Dales. I have no interest in actually becoming a farmer – those early mornings would be absolute killer – but I am weirdly fascinated by the life.

At the end of a busy working day there’s been nothing better than snuggling up in bed and reading more about farm life. And how (and where!) all the children were born. Something strangely comforting to be honest. I think it’s because the book just feels so homely. She very clearly loves her life and it shines through – the descriptions of the farmhouse definitely feel like somewhere I would like to spend some time with the big roaring fires, the double range, the 15 pairs of wellies lined up at the door with leggings attached so that bleary-eyed, they can quite literally climb into their clothes at the front door. The very idea of it just gives me the warm and fuzzy feels.

I was saddened towards the end when she said that they’ve received criticism for the way they are raising their family. When you read behind the scenes of their working life it’s pretty obvious that a childhood on a farm is absolutely nothing like any other version of childhood and so why should they be judged for it? From what I’ve seen there is truly nothing worse than judge-y mummies, nothing.

Aside from that though it was a truly delightful read, and if you’re interested in farming, or indeed a sneaky peek into how other people live their lives then it’s well worth a read. I was told that there’s a new series on the TV coming this week that is all about them so I’ll definitely be tuning in! I hope it’s comforting to watch as reading the book has been ❤️

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